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For the economic feature, see Bank rate.Bankrate, LLC is a consumer financial services company based in New York City., perhaps its best-known brand, is a personal finance website. As of November 8, 2017, it became a subsidiary of Red Ventures Inc. through an acquisition.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Liars. Unpays. Lays off entire company after saying we are fine for months."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Office politics can be expected at most places, but the petulant CEO and open bar policy in the office led to some really unprofessional conduct. Tons of meetings with no real agenda. Yet another company trying to get 100% of the benefits from scrum without actually investing the necessary resources. If you don't enjoy being yelled at, you will not like the CEO; also, you'll never see those in his in-crowd receive discipline, even if those individuals make racist or sexist remarks around the office. It was definitely hard to believe until experienced. More often than not times, hiring, retention, and promotion were based on very questionable office relations. I saw some great people be treated abhorrently before I left, and the pay disparity was the worst I have seen among those doing the same job. Compensation overall was poor. No growth opportunities, and from the recent mass exodus, it seems to not have changed. Free drinks and foosball, though! If that does it for you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Shrinking product lineup, everyone works in silos, low moral with all the layoffs"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"I agree the people at Bankrate are what makes it a special place. I believe we have a great mix of people now who have been in the business for many years, and new folks who offer a fresh perspective on the business. This his been an integral part of our evolution as a business back into growth."

Former Employee - Senior Developer says

"Struggling industry, unable to increase revenue by the leadership, getting more expensive than what they are bringing on board, no work life balance. promotion is based on your relationship with higher ups. The low life, Simon and Scott, are running their 'lip service'. They damn care about your culture and values and work life balances, even though they constantly give lectures on them. This company with its culture is bound to fail, bound to lose to its competitors-It is matter of time. I wish Red-venture will understand this and kick-out those 'corporate weeds' to drain the swamp."

Gil R says

"Those guys are crooks! Be careful! They do run an application and not just pre-approved you. this web is misleading, they say that it will not affect your credit, but they do run your credit and they will give you approval or denial in the end.

They will share your info WITH FEW LANDERS, and you will start getting offers, that's is ridiculous, I don’t need you to run my info with landers, I thought you are my lander and not a commission broker!

Absolutely not recommended!"

C Jiang says

"It's a total scam. You put in your information and they show you rates that don't exist. Then when you finally choose one, they just give them your information so they can call you with a higher rate. Don't do it!"

Max says

"I closed a refinance using a bankrate referral last year. Bankrate promised a giftcard as an incentive for using their service after closure of the refi. I followed their instructions after closing (to include joining Bankrate) and then received confirmation that the application for the giftcard was received. They never sent it. In response to my first email to customer service they said it was in process. They have ignored my second and third inquiries. It has been 5 months. Well past the 10 weeks they said it would take. I believe they made the offer in bad faith. I wont use Bankrate again. I suggest you avoid them.

UPDATE: In response to Bankrate’s response below - your request for my address (in order to send the card) was made only last week, five months after closing, AFTER three inquiries to customer service (beginning in early February), and ONLY after publishing this post and making inquiry to the CFPB. While I appreciate your sudden responsiveness , I will reserve further judgement until such time as I actually receive the card - which I am told could take several more weeks."

Carolyn Nguyen says

"I gave my info to refi my mortgage and all of a sudden, I'm attacked by automatic phone calls and emails of all these small mortgage brokers who I've never ever heard of. I decided to go with a guy from San Diego and gave him all my info and he sent me a contract with all of these incorrect #s and raised some serious flags.

Moose told me this was a no-cost loan to re-fi my house and then after he ran my credit, I got this contract to sign papers with around $8k to close but the credits that was suppose to be given to me was also in the amount of the mortgage that I wasn't going to pay for a month or 2 while the loan "resets" itself. The average cost to re-fi is around $4k. He gave me $8k. The value of my properties were also off (very high), which raised more red flags.

He kept calling me while I was working during the day and that bothered the hell out of me. Everything was URGENT AF. I didn't want to do business with him after I saw that the bank I got approved for had VERY BAD REVIEWS and things could get mangled in the process and seeing he inflated my property values by A LOT. Moose assured me the mortgage would be sold as it is typical, but just I had to go with my gut and not do business with him after doing some research on his name and business.

Bottom line is that doesn't do it's part on whether these are good people or bad people to work with. I'm sure Bankrate got lots of money for advertising his link. Just don't go with Bankrate's advertisers - use a local mortgage broker so at least you can go into their office..."

John says

"I've submitted review, confirmed my email address, but have yet to see my review posted. It was a negative review so possibly they only publish the good reviews."

Diego Fernandez says

"Cross your fingers for never inserting a wrong password when logging in. You may be locked out forever and lose all data in your account. Customer service can’t help with that (what is a shame).
Website is bugged and will never send you a reset password email. Bankrate should hire better website coders."

Bankrate user says

"It wont let me log in"

Grooba says

"Too many adds that try to get your info."

Bankrate user says



Bankrate user says

"What is bankrate"

Bankrate non-user says

"I have never used BankRate. I am not sure how you got my email."

Bill Whelden says

"I have used Bankrate in the past and they have been helpful finding low mortgage rates and high interest rate savings accounts. Yesterday, I researched refinance rates and selected a lender. I filled out the form and asked for no other quotes. They put a pop up at the end and asked if I was sure I didn't want a quote from "Amerisave" as well and I said "no". Well Amerisave has been calling me and harassing me all day today even after I told them I'm not interested. They also told me they had pulled my credit report! I don't know if it was a hard pull or not but it better not have been. I'm mad at bankrate for sharing my information especially my cell phone number without my permission."

Bankrate user says

"To be quite Frank I've found it to be not as useful as it once was. I used to use it quite often, but now I find better interest bearing accounts by Googling. Also the article used to be much better.
Sorry Bankrate, because I was once I very big advocate."

Bankrate user says

"How does one rate Banking entities when they merely manage the assets of billionaires for maximum profitability and the rest of us are treated like livestock? Asking someone the method of execution they prefer is not the same as a fair and unbiased trial. The corruption is no longer a giant shadow, but a monster revealed in the Sun's full light, the information transformation is upon us at last. A community of thieves and scoundrels justifying their depredations on the underprivileged by citing bought and paid for Academia is not defensible."

emanuella says

"I have been able to build my passive income without stress in the past few months with smart Their trading experts are very professional and have amazing customer support. You also get to enjoy a free trading bonus as a first time sign up. Thank me later"

Bankrate user says

"Needs more interaction with clients. More emails"

Robert says

"Like the calculators (loan) on the site but they could be more flexible with the types of loans out there 60 mths is the longest that can be put in, but there are longer terms out there."

R.Gregory says

"I'm very satisfied and it continues to be very helpful."

Bankrate user says

"several years ago, the site was easy to navigate, but with each improvement. it's gets harder to use"

Dean S says

"Cool idea but someimes the system glitches out when trying to get a quote" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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